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Austin Pedal Party offers a unique mobile outdoor advertising space in Austin, Texas. Austin Pedal Party can convert its pedal carriages into mobile billboards. Using high quality, waterproof, and UV-resistant vinyl wraps our party bikes can offer advertising on the whole body of the vehicle. Austin Pedal Party can wrap the entire bar bike in advertising, including the front, sides, rear, and roof of the vehicle. The roof of the vehicle offers a unique advertising space to all those in high-rises around downtown Austin.


Huge Exposure… Low Cost

These vehicles are large, slow moving, and full of people having a good time. They operate in the heart of downtown Austin and are always an eye catcher. We are a great alternative to traditional pedicab advertising and bus advertising in Austin. We work year-round and offer a great mobile advertising platform for South by Southwest (SXSW), Austin City Limits, US Grand Prix, conventions, concerts, sporting events, etc.

Let us know your budget, goals, and desired coverage area. We will help design a plan that helps maximize your advertising exposure in downtown Austin. We will provide a custom template to help with the design of artwork. Austin Pedal Party can also take care of city requirements, as well as production and install. Email us for more information. We can help campaigns of all sizes!

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Contact Austin Pedal Party Today! Have a custom request for your Austin Tour, looking for more info? Well don't hesitate to ask! We have customer service ready and waiting to reach out!


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