The sun is down, and the night is young! After a day of jamming on Austin’s best party bike with Austin Pedal Party we know you will be ready to let go and start shaking what you’ve got on the dance floor. That’s why we here at Austin pedal party have found a few of the best places to loosen up and get your groove on. Austin is host to a multitude of excellent venues sure to capture the attention of any visiting entertainment enthusiasts. Austin is widely regarded as the live music capitol of the world, and it boasts nearly 300 places to go capture the sweet sounds of the town. Though Austin has an experience for every musical taste this short article is about dancing and where to do it best. With this edition of the Austin Pedal Party blog, we have taken it upon ourselves to gather this list of some of our favorite extraordinary venues to dance the night away.

The Concourse Project Austin Texas - Rave dance music

The Concourse Project

4.1 ★
Coming in first is The Concourse Project. Established in 2011 and newer to town than many of the more established venues, The Concourse Project is a top shelf space with friendly bartenders and a welcoming staff. Lines may sometimes be long, but the juice is worth the squeeze! After the staff checks your ID and scans your ticket you can head to the bar and quench your thirst. When operating at full capacity they have three bars to choose from inside. And if you’ve come with an appetite, you can step outside and there will be an open food truck ready to serve your needs. When weather permits, they have an artist performing separately from the main act which allows for a ton of musical diversity. On the inside the space is an enormous warehouse that has a fantastic sound system and even a little viewing area upstairs to be able to take in all the spectacular lights and get away from the crowd. One of the best aspects about the concourse project is that they put up movable walls to be able to make the space smaller and more intimate feeling if the venue does not sell out. The dancefloor always feels well populated and is well ventilated. Though focused mainly on electronic music it is such a versatile event space that is could easily switch it up and become host to live acts of any genre. At every event we have been to at the Concourse Project the dance floor is always popping off. Whether its 200 or 2000 people getting rowdy, the Concourse Project makes sure to provide all you need for a spectacular night out. Though its location is a little bit of a hike from the downtown area it is most certainly worth getting a ride out to this space if you’re looking for top quality dancing during your time out on the town.


The Coconut Club Austin Texas - Best Dance Places Austin Texas

The Coconut Club

4.5 ★
The next on our list is one of best dance spots in Austin is none other than The Coconut Club! It is a two-story venue with killer décor. Almost every night there is a house music DJ on the rooftop, but they also offer nights filled with karaoke, drag shows and so much more. Next door is the Latin themed Cuatro Gatto restaurant, where you can dance to reggaeton and fill your belly at the same time! Don’t worry about having to show ID again because once youre in youre in! Coconut Club’s charm comes from its unique layout. There is indoor accessibility to both Cuatro Gatto and the ever-entertaining sister club Neon Grotto. So once you pass the first entrance you are all set to fill your night up with a multitude of various dance floor options. Both Coconut club and Neon Grotto are famous for their funky and lit rooftop bars, each one with its own signature flavor and decorative style. The dance floor is often packed with great dancers but if chilling and taking in the scenery from two stories is more your vibe there are plenty of booths and couches to go have your own space and converse amongst your friends. This bar is frequently the “go to” place as it is centrally located on 4th and Colorado and the colorful people watching can provide hours of entertainment. And if you need a change of pace all you need to do is go next door in either direction. Sure to be a hit amongst those coming off the Austin Pedal Party bikes, we can think of no better way to disperse the built-up tension in those legs than to shake your groove thing within the comfort of the Coconut Club.


Vulcan Gas Company - Dance Club Austin Texas

Vulcan Gas Company

3.9 ★
If you want to stay even more in the neighborhood of Austin Pedal Party headquarters, but still want to get some great tunes and a jamming dance floor, then look no further than the Vulcan Gas Company. This Club is located within 5 blocks of the bike shop! And it’s almost all downhill! With that level of accessibility, you can practically roll into the club! The club is a little less flash and fashion than the Coconut Club and a little more intimate than the Concourse project but the arena where they shine the brightest is the sound! Inside this little gem of a dance party sits some of the best speakers for dance music the industry has to offer, a pair of Funktion Ones held high in the air to rain soundwaves upon attendees. Funktion One sound systems are not cheap whatsoever, but you really get what you pay in the world of audio equipment. These are easily the highest quality speakers a dance club can purchase and with the room being mid-sized it fills it up with great sound easily. It shows in the way the crowd moves and its clear to see that the crowd responds with their bodies. This is a high energy venue that caters more to the hard-core electronic music crowd, but it fills the role perfectly. Black walls illuminated with splashes from technicolor sconces give the space a close feel but upon further investigation you can both find an amply spaced (and well stocked!) bar as well as a more spacious second floor for those looking to get out of the pit to move with a little more freedom. But no matter where you go there is no escaping the crisp and clear perfectly tuned audio that those Funktion One speakers provide. This versatile setup and close proximity has made Vulcan Gas Company an instant favorite amongst us here at Austin Pedal Party. If youre hopping off our party bike and youre ready to turn up and take the night by storm, then a perfect way to get in gear is to slide into the Vulcan Gas Company. You can count on them to turn up the volume and make those sore legs be forgotten in an instant.


The Venue Austin Texas Logo

The Venue

4.3 ★
Right in the same area on east 6th street there is a second venue that caught our attention, and it is such a good venue that they named it The Venue! Properly so because it displays all the elements necessary to put on an awesome show. It has a distinctive layout, and the dancefloor is partially outside and open to see the night sky. It has a very signature style somewhere between an open layout and an industrial maze. Even though it is not the largest venue by any means it gives the impression of openness, and it has ample space on its deck upstairs to provide a multitude of excellent vantage points. The sound is on point but where the Venue really shines is in the lights! They have a very new setup and they really put it to good use. With a massive led screen and both strobes and colored lights going off in every direction it makes for a very visually stunning experience. Oh, and did I mention smoke machines!? Because they got ‘em that is for certain. Being a partially outdoor venue works well to their advantage when it comes to smoke machines. Everyone has been to “that club” that went a little overboard on the smoke machines and didn’t have adequate ventilation, leaving the patrons of the dancefloor completely blind and partially suffocating. At The Venue the breeze is allowed to come in and lift the billows of fake smoke high into the air so it can provide a backdrop for the lights and lasers to shine upon instead of making it so the people partying can’t see their hands in front of their face. The layout really makes for a unique experience and its location in proximity to the Austin Pedal Party headquarters is matched only by The Vulcan Gas Company. There is plenty to do on 6th street and though the drunken masses outside make for some interesting people watching, it is nice to have a club that is nice and new nestled within the confines of Austin’s busiest tourist destination. The Venue stands out in the crowd for its custom feeling layout and brand-new light setup and offers another reason why Austin has what we feel to be one of the strongest dance club scenes in the United States! One other thing to note which is rarely found in many other city’s that stand out for their club scenes is that at The Venue (and Vulcan Gas Company) you can exit the venue and then be allowed to re-enter. So, if for some reason you need to mix it up and want to go grab a less expensive shot at the bar down the block, or even change the music briefly and want to pop over to Vulcan Gas Company for some bone shaking beats, you can be confident that you won’t miss the whole show and can get right back to grooving at your earliest convenience! Talk about chill vibes, right?!



So, there you have it y’all, a few of our favorite places to go and get your groove on after a full day of pushing pedals on our bike bar. The music scene in Austin is unrivaled in our opinion and we love to be able to get people hyped on experiencing the fantastic scene that has made Austin a national treasure. But where would this musical experience be if it were not for some high-quality establishments to purvey these sounds to the music goers. Austin has so many different places to go see live music, truly giving people not just the options of what type of music they want to go see, but also how they want their experience to be curated. You can choose to follow the audio quality, or the best lights, or the best décor and end up in different places, all which will provide distinct but equally awesome entertainment. One thing is for certain though, if you have come to this music city to hit the clubs and get your body moving then you have come to the right place! Now there are loads of clubs to go to and with so many options it can be hard to choose if you don’t know your way around the town. That’s why we here at Austin Pedal Party have made it easy for you to make the choice that will define the pulse of your evening. Our top places to go dance in Austin Texas will be sure to leave a great impression of the city’s prolific dance club scene and fond memories for long to come. We hope you go out and take your night in Austin by storm and with intel like this we know you will! Know to look forward to another edition of our Austin Pedal Party blog for more top shelf insight on how to spend the rest of your evenings after our tour of the town. That’s all for this one y’all. If you have any other questions or want even more curated recommendations for your groups big night on the town don’t hesitate to send us an email and we would be happy to assist you in getting the most out of our remarkable town.