Are you on the hunt for a way to enjoy this incredible weather? With the warmer season coming up quickly, we know you will want to make the most of all that sunshine after being stuck indoors for the winter months. In this article we will tell you where you’ll find the best outdoor activities in Austin.

Let’s start off with some mini golf!! Considering how massive Austin is, you should not be too surprised to find out that there are quite a handful of mini golf courses in this town. Here’s a taste to get you started.

Peter Pan Mini Golf Austin Texas Logo

Peter Pan Mini Golf

4.5 ★
Adults and children alike can find something worth getting excited over at Peter Pan Mini Golf on Barton Springs Rd. Everywhere you turn, there’s a themed piece displayed. They have everything, from dinosaurs to giant teapots, and anything you can imagine in between. Since 1948, this course has kept Austin’s locals and visitors outside testing their skills and enjoying the ever-present sunlight. What keeps the adults hyped up is knowing that a full BYOB rule is in effect, just don’t bring any glass containers in your small cooler. Open all days of the week, you can come by from 10 am – 10 pm (9 am – 11 pm on Friday and Saturday) and experience a true Austin tradition.

Hint: Prepare to ride share or look for street parking, their lot is small and almost always at capacity.


Duke’s Adventure Golf Logo Austin Texas

Duke’s Adventure Golf

4.6 ★
Family owned and operated by people who love mini golf as much as we love Austin, Duke’s Adventure Golf is another BYOB option for spending an hour or two outdoors. Known for their exceptionally nice employees, Duke’s Adventure Golf on Slaughter Lane is usually not crowded and remains open seven days a week. Clean, well maintained and always excited to see you, Duke’s is open from 4 – 9 pm during the week and from noon – 9 pm on the weekends. Gather up your drinks (with no glass bottles) and get ready to experience a simple but exhilarating time at Duke’s Adventure Golf.


Butler Pitch & Putt Logo Austin Texas

Butler Pitch & Putt

4.4 ★
Since their beginnings before the 1950’s, Butler Pitch & Putt has been run by folks who love to golf and want everyone to have the same fun that they do. Throughout the years, ownership has passed through the hands of many people who all have a similar passion for game of golf. Every day from 8 am – 8 pm, you can visit Butler Pitch & Putt for everything from golf to a full-on sit-down lunch in their courtyard. Lee Barton Drive is home to this putt course, beer garden, and lunch spot, bragging about their status of “coldest beer” on their side of the river, 23 degrees sure is chilly.


One detail of spring and summer that has remained consistent over the years has to be the part where you use some form of water sport to cool off.  In this section you’ll learn about how to keep the temperature from kicking your butt with these awesome aquatic activities. 

Lonestar Kayak Tours Logo Austin Texas

Lone Star Kayak Tours

4.8 ★
If one has yet to experience kayaking in Austin, Texas, they are depriving themselves of the opportunity to witness the mesmerizing beauty of crystal blue spring water and the presence of the largest bat colony in the United States. Furthermore, the company extends its offerings to include paddle boarding in Austin, complete with convenient rentals and engaging tours.

The company warmly invites individuals to partake in a guided tour, exploring the natural wonders of Lady Bird Lake, also known as Town Lake, located in the heart of Texas. Participants will embark on this adventure by comfortably navigating the waters in a sit-on-top kayak, under the guidance of experienced professionals. The duration of the excursion is approximately two hours, leading to one of the company’s handpicked tour locations on either Lady Bird Lake or the scenic San Marcos river.


Barton Springs Pool

4.6 ★
There is something about a chilled pool on a hot day that just feels correct. Theres many ways to enjoy one of Austin’s most loved pastimes. From cannonball style jump ins to wading around and dipping only your feet in. Theres a million ways to make your afternoon cooler at Barton Springs. Barton Springs Pool on William Barton Drive is part of what makes Zilker Park such a sought-out destination in Austin. Natural springs underneath keeping the water cooler than 75 degrees and plenty of room for large crowds keeps everyone wanting to come back for regular visits to this local treasure. Something particularly special about this pool is that its waters are home to the endangered Barton Springs Salamander, so the space is a federally protected habitat. Even if you’re only in the mood for people watching rather than getting wet, there’s plenty to keep you entertained just in that area. Only a small walk from the pool, you’ll find “Splash!” which is an education exhibit centered around Barton Springs’ history and upkeep. Closed on Thursdays for cleaning, you can enter this paid pool from 5 am – 10 pm every other day.

Hint: Check their list of prohibited items and other rules before heading towards the pool, alcohol of any kind is not permitted. Also the pool is free from 9pm to 10pm!


While McKinney is the place you’ll want to stay for easy access to the water, we wanted to include some easygoing hiking trails for those days when you want a view without exerting too much energy. Next up on the list is a series of smaller trails so you can relax and not miss out on Austin’s natural beauty.

Mount Bonnell Logo Austin Texas

Mount Bonnell

4.6 ★
Neapolitan style pizza recipes were brought here to Austin all the way from New York by two chefs who pride themselves in paying attention to detail at Show Me Pizza. If you ever find yourself in South Austin, you won’t want to skip a trip to 1st street for any of their specialty pies. Ask about the pesto base! You can build your own pie if you’re not feeling up to the usual red sauce or have particular tastes. Open for dinner every night outside of Tuesday and Wednesday, Show Me Pizza welcomes you in from 5 – 10 pm on available evenings.


The Pizza Press Logo Austin

Blunn Creek Greenbelt

4.7 ★
More of a gentle stroll than a full-blown hike, Blunn Creek Greenbelt is a fun and gentle way to walk around Austin’s naturally beautiful trails without taking too much out of any day. Playgrounds and pavilions are located on both ends of this route, so if you have kids it is easy to find an excuse to spend some time there. Generally, people don’t need more than half an hour to complete the walk, unless you take extra time to stop and examine the bridges and tree markers along the way. Near Little Stacy Park on East Side Drive, you won’t have to search hard to find access to Blunn Creek Greenbelt from 5 am – 10 pm throughout the week.


Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve Logo Austin Texas

Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve

4.6 ★
Austin’s first and oldest nature preserve, Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve has been a first rate look into the area’s natural splendor since 1974. With somewhere around three miles of hiking trails available, the Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve is home to a myriad of animal and plant species. Whether you pick the self-led option or happen to be in town during one of the guided tour selections, you cannot go wrong when you follow the trails at this park. While parking is somewhat limited, access to this area during the weekdays is free.


Now last but certainly not least, we’ve got a couple of picnic spots that are just the bee’s knees. There’s something special to be said about an afternoon spent with loved ones outside so grab your sandwiches and potato chips. Check out these prime locations for dining on a big blanket amongst friends and family.

Dick Nichols District Park

4.6 ★
While we could have easily mentioned this location in the section dedicated to swimming, we decided to place Dick Nichols District Park in the picnic category instead. Once you pull up to this 152 acre property, you will understand why. Large enough to guarantee that any spot chosen has a fair amount of privacy, this gorgeous mass of land located on Beckett Rd makes for a picnic that is low key and relaxing. Plan your day around their daily open hours from 5 am – 10 pm. Bring your bathing suit if you’re the type who can’t resist jumping into a pool anytime you see one.


Pease Park Austin Texas

Pease District Park

4.7 ★
Mentioned here on The Austin Insider in previous posts, Pease District Park on Kingsbury St should be on any “must visit” list when planning a trip to Austin. Among plenty of picnic space, you can visit the Treehouse Observation Pod or nature based play area for those who are traveling with kids. As beautiful as the area is informative, Pease District Park makes a lovely backdrop to any picnic blanket setup.



There you have it, plenty of reasons to spend your time in Austin soaking up some sun rays. Don’t forget to pack some sunscreen and throw on your best walking shoes, you have a lot of ground to cover during your stay with us. Before you go, don’t hesitate to click back through past articles we have posted on The Austin Insider. We’ve always got something new to talk about from date night ideas to music venues that always rock. Until next time, don’t forget to tag #AustinPedalParty when you find a place you love on one of our lists! We love to see people getting the most out of our recommendations!